Horticulture R&D Training Centre, Basti

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Established in 1956 in Basti, Horticulture R&D Training Centre has become a hub of horticultural and agricultural pursuits in the eastern region of Uttar Pradesh. It attracts not only the academics but also a huge number of tourists because of its artistically laid out landscape.

The centre conducts training and research work in the cultivation of a large variety of fruits, ornamental plants, vegetables and crops. Special emphasis is laid on the research and production of mushrooms. The centre has set up a mushroom spawn production unit. High quality mushroom seed is supplied to the mushroom cultivators. It also houses a large number of bee yards in its Apiculture department for the production of honey. There are also facilities to impart training to the bee farmers.

Yet another area in which the centre has earned a name in the international market is the production of high quality sweet mangoes such as Amrapali, Romani and Neelam varieties. It supplies saplings of these varieties to farmers all over the country.

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