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India is an agricultural nation which strikes up the thirst for knowledge and experience among both, Indian and overseas tourists. Off late, a new kind of tourism has evolved, Agricultural or simply put, AgriTourism. This involves tourists enjoying guided excursions through fields, meeting up with the farmer himself and getting to know his ways, trying out their food in the simples of forms and preparations.

Baramati, in Maharashtra, a medium sized town which is highly industrialized for its agricultural potential, is at the forefront of this new kind of tourism.

How to reach Baramati

Baramati is located around 100 kilometres from the popular city of Pune and is very well connected by Road, Rail and Air.

The town is pretty well supplied, offers some very authentic Maharashtrian cuisine which is known to be simple and delicious. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, you can head over to a farm, put together a tour group, and meet up for some authentic village food in the fields. Surprisingly this is a very cheap experience, and farmers are only too happy with a few hundred rupees in return for this once in a lifetime experience. Baramati, is also famous for its sugarcane plantations, a trip to the fields is certainly warranted.

The two best hotels to put up at in Baramati are the Taj which is little expensive and Amardeep which features a more modest pricelist.

The shopping scene in Baramati town is filled with opportunity. One can find numerous garment shops selling quality goods for very little money. You might just get lucky and manage a good deal on a traditional Maharashtrian saree. This is particularly popular among overseas tourists. Also, some of the restaurants in town may look very simple, but the meals they server are sumptuous and mouth-watering.

Take to the skies …

Baramati also offers a very unique activity for where it’s located. Flying enthusiasts can try their hand at some amateur flying lessons at the Baramati airport. So whether it’s taking to the skies or a bullock cart ride, Baramati has tonnes of value to offer tourists. 

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