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St. Anthonys Karaoke Shack, Baga

St. Anthony's Karaoke Shack is located just a few steps away from the legendary Brittos beach shack on Baga. It hasn’t been the most famous of places for a while, but off late it seems to have acquired a decent fan following especially among large groups.

It’s a very roomy, large shack with a beach top and indoor seating facility. What’s unique about the indoor setup is how all the patrons party together while singing 60s and 70s tunes, even recent ones, over a karaoke session.

St Anthony’s Karaoke Shack is truly representative of the energy Goa has to offer. The food here is to die for especially their selection of fish curries. The drinks are very well priced, much cheaper than next door neighbour and giant Brittos. Service, as in all joints at Goa, is a little slow, but the cheap alcohol and the availability of an array of hookahs more than makes up for it.

The restaurant also features a large bar table setup, for stags and patrons who’re just there for a drink and some great music. Getting to St. Anthony’s Karaoke Shack is simple. Ask a cab to bring you to Brittos at Baga, or if you’re riding, ask for directions. If you can’t find Brittos just get to the Café Coffee Day or Tito’s lane at Baga and walk straight up north till you reach Britto’s, you can’t miss St. Anthony’s from there.

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