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Housed on what is now known as the famous Tito’s lane in the Baga vicinity is one of Goa’s best night places, crowd, food, alcohol and music wise. Ask anyone around the Baga area about where to head for a decent party, and reply in most cases is a quick, Tito’s. Notwithstanding the fact that the famous Tito’s lane has various bars, night places and pool parlours that are all well rated, one just has to visit the mother ship!Don’t get let down by the steep entry fee, pitched at 1500 bucks, and sometimes Tito’s might not allow stags.

Once you get in you are greeted by amazingly energetic music, very comfortable temperature and an A La Carte Menu to die for. What’s better, the entry fee you paid gets you unlimited alcohol. Some may argue the brands are very basic, but hey, 1500 bucks for all you can drink booze is completely worth it now isn’t it? The crowd at Café Tito’s is a mix of all ethnicities, which is enjoyable.

The club features high ceilings and feels very roomy with its multiple levels. It does tent to get a little crowded on the weekends, but nothing the place can’t handle. Also, the in-house security is more than competent to handle large crowds. Tito’s also features Celebrity DJs now and then.Now here’s the real downside, the discotheque is reserved for people who are willing to pay an additional fee. It isn’t much at 300 bucks for couples, but it still doesn’t go down to well with many patrons.

Nevertheless, no complains on the quality of service once you’re in. The Tito’s lane is crowded on weekends, so you might want to find yourself a parking spot away from the lane. Furthermore, try not to take a cab and be mobile. The Tito’s lane is just a walk down from the Baga Cafe Coffee Day and once you’re in the lane, Tito’s itself is hard to miss!


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