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Interestingly so, Kamaki, means hustler in Greek. Well, rest assured, one would be fortunate to get hustled into paying the 500 bucks it costs to get into Kamaki on the Tito’s lane in the Baga vicinity of North Goa. Flanked by many other night clubs including the famous Café Titos and Mambos, Kamaki is one of the relatively smaller joints on the Tito’s lane, but boy does it pack a lot of value.

To start with, unlike the bigger night clubs, Kamaki offers a more street side like experience with 2 zones. The patio outside is great for a game of pool while enjoying Cricket, Soccer or Formula 1 on the two large LCDs. The indoor zone features a standard bar table with dance floor setup. The drinks and food are fairly well priced, and one must try the various Greek and Mediterranean offerings on the menu. Kamaki features some very competent bouncers, so trouble generally stays a mile away. It’s open from 6pm to 6am and can be accessed by cab from all parts of Goa. Now and then.

Kamaki features live DJs spinning, and they play a mix of Techno and Hip Hop. The crowd is one of many ethnicities, and Kamaki offers a true cosmopolitan party experience. One must make it a point to park at a convenient location, since the Tito’s lane is closed to traffic most of the times, especially on weekends. Two wheelers however are permitted. Don’t forget to ask for your entry fee to be adjusted against the bill.

In case Mediterranean food isn’t your think, have a drink or two at Kamaki and head over to Domino’s Pizza that’s just next door!


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