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Cape Town Cafe, Baga

Enter the world of the true low cost night club on the Tito’s lane. Much like brands like Ibis or ETap, Cape Town Café is backed by a solid ownership brand, the legendary Tito’s Café. Located in the famous Tito’s lane at Baga, the tall ceilings, huge LCD screens, loud music and amazing Goan food is hard to miss.

Unlike other night clubs in the lane, this one’s amazingly affordable, and open to a much larger array of crowd. One might argue that it isn’t a place you’d want to end up at with your dad, but well, all in all, it’s a good place for the middle aged traveller to kick back and relax.

Patrons swear by the food, and it’s one of the only night clubs that features an in-house boutique called Curves for some casual designer shopping. One can shop for swim suits, tops and accessories. The restaurant on the outside features wooden tables, ideal for a meal with a bunch of friends or family.

Furthermore, it’s important to add, Cape Town Café is one of the only places in the lane that serves beers as cheap as 70 bucks. Also, worth mentioning is the Tandoori Lamb preparation which seems to have caught the attention of a lot of patrons.

Being backed by Tito’s management, the bouncers are very competent and usually make sure it’s a trouble free environment. For the most part of the week, there is no entry charge although they might just levy one on Indians on the weekends.

Fair skinned Indians just might get away, as do foreigners which isn’t altogether the done thing! Couple of things to keep in mind while visiting Cape Town, get there early! Patrons usually have a tendency of occupying tables early in the night and tend to not leave for a long time.

Also, make sure you find yourself a sweet parking spot since they do not have a valet service. On some days, the cops might just not allow traffic into the lane, in which case it’s a short walk from Café Coffee Day at Baga.

Owing to the crowd, don’t expect the fastest service, be patient and enjoy the live DJ. If you’ve got a few extra bucks to part with, you might want to get yourself a table in the VIP section which adds to the charm.