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Cafe Mambos, Baga

Mambos is the last stop down the famous Tito’s lane at Baga. Even though, this lane is flanked with nightclubs, bars and pool parlours, one can’t help but make their way down to the end to witness what is one of Goa’s most famous nightclubs that undoubtedly plays good music.

The entry fee to Mambos is cheap at 500 bucks for a couple and 800 bucks for stags, but bear in mind the club does not offer cover on the entry fee, you buy your food and alcohol inside. Furthermore, and very surprisingly so, Mambos doesn’t accept cards, so make sure you go in with enough cash.

Unlike other clubs in Goa, Mambos offers an A La Carte dinner menu that’s just as good as their alcohol and cocktails. Don’t forget to try their authentic Goan pork preparations. It’s a pleasant experience dining here since the dance floor, and the restaurant are placed separately.

Security is relatively tight in all zones, so no monkey business and anything that isn’t a standard cigarette is a strict no-no. Owing to the cheap entry, don’t expect the best of crown, in fact, it may turn a little rowdy sometimes, but the security handles the situation more than well.

Bar tables are conveniently located at more than 3 locations, and fast food joints outside serve the inside of Mambos as well, so they’re well stocked. On most days the dance floor is packed!

Getting to Mambos is simple enough, get a cab to Baga and ask for the Tito’s lane. On a busy night, traffic into the Tito’s lane is stopped so you might have to get off and walk, which is OK as one can check out the various other bars along the way. Its best to have your own ride though.