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Club Ivy, Baga


DJ Pierre has been making news off late, and Club Ivy, a relatively new addition to the Tito’s lane has him on board as their in-house DJ. Club Ivy is all about the music! Possibly the best looking club on the street, one is immediately attracted to the loud music and the touts at the entrance yelling free entry.

And it’s every bit worth the claim. It’s one of the only places in Baga that offers free entry all days of the week. Club Ivy opens at 8 pm and features an exterior cocktail bar for just a casual drink or two, ideal for someone who’s in Goa for just a night and is pub hopping in the Tito’s lane. And that’s a lot a places to hop to!

DJ Pierre plays a decent mix of R & B, and the giant screen plays live matches or formula one. Getting to Ivy is easy enough, it is located just at the mouth of the Tito’s lane and parking isn’t hard to find even on a crowded day since it isn’t much of a walk.

To get to Club Ivy from other parts of Goa, all you need to ask for is the Tito’s lane in Baga. Word of advice; if you’re hungry and desire some tandoori food, you might want to hop over to this very famous tandoori take away joint not too far from Club Ivy, beside Cafe Coffee Day in Baga.