Chakra Harji Vishnu Temple, Ayodhya

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Located in Faizabad at Guptar Ghat on the bank of Saryu River, the Chakra Harji Vishnu Temple draws special reverence from the Hindu community for two reasons. First, the carved idol of Lord Vishnu holding a chkara or a disk generates a sense of inexplicable awe and mystery among the visitors. Normally, the (Sudarshan) Chakra is shown in the hands of Lord Krishna especially in the battle fields assassinating the demons. Lord Vishnu holding a chakra, therefore, is a rare sight.

Another point of interest in the temple is the foot prints of Lord Ram. Since they are footprints of God himself, they evoke a deep sense of reverence and devotion among the Hindus.

The temple also houses the idols of other deities. The temple, alongside the River Saryu, seems to bless the place a sense of calm and peace.

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