Nageshwarnath Temple, Ayodhya

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Situated at Ram Ki Pairi in Ayodhya, Nageshwarnath Temple, as the name suggests, is dedicated to God Shiva who was also known as Nageshwar Nath or Lord of Snakes. He is also the presiding god of this temple. The temple houses one of the twelve Jyotirlingams in its sanctum sanctorum.

According to a legend, one day when Kush, the younger son of Lord Rama, was taking a bath in Sarayu River, his armlet slipped and fell into the water. He tried to find it, but did not succeed. It was finally retrieved by Naag-kanya, the daughter of a snake, who was a devotee of God Shiva. As a gesture of gratitude, Kush built Nageshwarnath Temple.

It is believed that the temple survived in good shape until the reign of Chandragupta Vikramaditya even though the rest of the city was turned into ruins.

It was, however, rebuilt by Naval Rai, a minister of Safdar Jang in 1750. The temple attracts huge crowds of devotees during Shivratri festival, when Shivji’s barat procession is also taken out.

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