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  • 01City Palace

    City Palace

    City Palace, also known as the Vinay Vilas Mahal, is a magnificent palace in the city of Alwar giving a glimpse into the resplendent lifestyle of Maharajas. The grand monument was built by Raja Bakhtawar in 1793 AD. The palace has a vibrant history. Many illustrious Mughal kings, like Babar, Jahangir, and Rajput kings, like Maharaja Pratap Singh, have spent time at the fort. The glorious structure is famous for its central courtyard that has a marble designed lotus tower.

    The colossal palace is a viewer's treat with its mirror and murals work, as well as its splendid range of miniature paintings. The palace treasury has an ornate gold and velvet throne and a priceless drinking cup cut out of a single emerald. The stables feature a mammoth and a double-storeyed, four-elephant carriage. The palace now houses a museum preserving the royal memorabilia, historic exhibits, prized pieces and some rare manuscripts.

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  • 02Sagar Lake

    Sagar Lake

    Sagar Lake is located at the back of the City Palace. It was constructed in 1815 AD. This beautiful lake is considered to be a holy bathing ghat. The banks of the lake are revered as sacred too and the land is used by devotees for the traditional custom of feeding pigeons. The embankment also has shrines, temples and an array of cenotaphs. The glittering water of the pond along with the gorgeous monuments present a lovely environment to the visitors.

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  • 03Tripolia


    Tripolia is an architectural masterpiece built in memory of a warrior, Sauber Pal, in 1417 AD. It is a flat domed structure with four remarkable gates on each side. The monument is located in the busy area of Alwar. On the north is the Munshi Bazar, on the south is the Malakhera Bazar and on the west of Tripolia is the Sarafa Bazar. All the old markets are famous for gold ornaments and clothes. The grand mausoleum has an impressive Mahadevji Temple on the eastern corner which is the main source of tourist attraction. The cenotaph also houses a museum which has a large collection of artefacts from the time of Sauber Pal.

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  • 04Bala Quila

    Bala Quila, also known as the Alwar Fort, towers majestically over the hilltop in the city of Alwar. The fort was built by Hasan Khan Mewati in the year 1550 AD. The monument is famous for its masonry works and grandiose structural designs. There are six distinguished gates, namely Jai Pol, Laxman Pol, Surat Pol, Chand Pol, Andheri Gate and Krishna Gate, leading to the fort. 

    The entire structure of the fort extends 5 km from north to south and 2 km from east to west. The fort has 446 in-built holes for firing guns. 15 magnificent towers and 51 small towers make up the grand monument. The fort, which is popular among tourists for its architectural design was built in the Mughal era and was later captured by the Kachhwaha Rajputs. 

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  • 05Company Bagh

    Company Bagh

    Company Bagh is a beautiful garden that boasts of lush greenery and attractive colourful lawns surrounded by sprawling promenade. It is one of the attention grabbing spots of Alwar. The bagh was built by Raja Shiv Dan Singh in 1868 AD. Situated in the sandy region of the country, the luxuriant greenery is also known as an oasis in the middle of the Thar Desert. The magnificent garden has also set a chhatri with a peculiar Bengali top and bends. This lovely garden also has a prominent structure, which is called Shimla House, famous for its large vault shape. This architectural splendour was built by Maharaja Mangal Singh in 1885 AD to serve as a summerhouse.

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  • 06Moosi Maharani Ki Chhatri

    Moosi Maharani Ki Chhatri is a striking cenotaph of historical significance. This double-storeyed structure was built by Vinay Singh in honour of Maharaja Bakhtawar Singh and his Queen Rani Moosi in the year 1815 AD. The architectural grandeur gives the monument a spectacular view. The elephant structural design based on pillars of red sandstone is an attention grabbing piece in the monument. The upper storey is in marble stones housing unusual rounded roofs, splendid bends and arches. The interiors of the monument are ornamented with splendid carvings and astounding wall paintings. The complex also provides a visual treat to its tourists with hundreds of colourful birds and peacocks moving around the place. The picturesque location of the Aravallis, the lush green foliage and colourful flowers add to the charm of the place .


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  • 07Clock Tower

    Clock Tower

    Clock Tower is a monument on the Church Road in Alwar. The top of the tower has a large four-sided clock that can be seen from a far distance and is a major tourist attraction. The lower portion of the tower possesses aesthetic architectural structure, while the middle part has some popular patriotic slogans. The ancient tower stands tall today in the middle of the crowded chauraha, old markets and busy nearby locality. The architectural figure is an illustrious facade of the ancient Rajput reign.

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  • 08Government Museum

    Government Museum

    Government Museum gives glimpses into the history of Alwar. It is located inside the City Palace. This museum exhibits a rare collection of paintings and writings on palm leaves. Tourists can also see ancient royal weapons, Persian and Sanskrit manuscripts, musical instruments, bidri work, stuffed animals, miniature paintings, pottery and brass work. The ivory works and lacquered sculptures are the prime attractions of the museum.

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  • 09Tomb Of Fateh Jang

    Tomb Of Fateh Jang

    Tomb of Fateh Jang, also known as Fateh Jang Ka Gumbad, is one of the popular tourist attractions located in Alwar. This monument is dedicated to Fateh Jang, a minister of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. The building has five storeys and its design depicts a fusion of Mughal and Rajput architectural styles. A large number of travellers visit the artistically designed cenotaph, which is surrounded by a beautiful garden.


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  • 10Kalakand Market

    Kalakand Market

    Kalakand Market is a shopper's delight and is especially famous for mouthwatering sweet dishes. This market has various streets, which are named after the popular dishes offered by those streets. Tourists can also shop for attractive handicrafts and jewellery items in nearby shops at reasonable prices. The shopping zones of the market are known as Sarafa Bazar, Bazaza Bazar, Hope Circus, Kedalganj Bazar and Malakhera Bazar. The market is open throughout the week except on Tuesdays.

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  • 11Naldeshwar


    Naldeshwar is located 24 km south of the city of Alwar. This picturesque village is famous for its antique Mahadeva Temple. It is surrounded by peaks of pebbles and mesmerising lush greenery. The temple has a natural Shivaling, which is worshipped by a large number of devotees around the year. Tourists can see here two natural ponds which receive water from the adjoining hills. The charm of the place increases tremendously after the first showers of the monsoons.

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