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Khusro Bagh, Allahabad


The Khusro Bagh is a well protected walled garden close to the Allahabad junction station. It surrounds the three tombs of the Mughal king - Jehangir’s family. The three tombs belong to Khusrau Mirza (Jehangir’s eldest son), Shah Begum (Jehangir’s first wife) and Princess Sultan Nithar Begam (Jehangir’s daughter).

They were buried within this complex in the 17th century. The beautifully carved three-tier tombs exemplify the best of Mughal art and architecture. It is said that Jehangir employed the country’s best artisans to build these tombs.

Jehangir’s eldest son was murdered by his brother Shah Jahan. It is believed his mother poisoned herself and died an unnatural death. However, the emperor spared no expense on the tombs. The garden itself is famous for mango and guava trees.