Old City and the City Walls of Ahmedabad, Ahmedabad

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The city of Ahmedabad was established by Ahmed Shah in 1411AD and later fortified by his grandson Mahmud Begda for its protection. This wall is10 kms in circumference, with 12 gates, 189 bastions and more than 6,000 battlements.

With the enlargement of the city periphery gradually the wall has almost got abolished except for a part near the Sabarmati River but the gates still remain. Shahpur Gate, Delhi Gate, Dariapur Gate, Prem Gate, Kalupur Gate, Panch Kuva Gate, Sarangpur Gate, Raipur Gate, Astodia Gate, Mahudha Gate, Jamalpur Gate, Khanjia Gate, Raikhad Gate, Ganesh Gate and Ram Gate are the names of these 12 gates. All these gates have beautiful carvings and calligraphy on them.

The city within this wall and gates is the old city, that has narrow alleys suitable only for walks and two wheelers. The old city has been divided into units called “pols”where people from the same caste and community live together. Some of these pols also have a temple at the center and the architecture of these buildings are wonderful with beautiful carvings on wooden doors and pillars and fresco work on the walls.

The pols also have a structure called 'chabutro' which is a bird feeder meant for the birds to use as their houses and built in the replacement of the trees that were cut for building up the city.

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