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Gandhi Ashram, situated at the side of the Sabarmati river and also called as the Sabarmati Ashram was founded by Gandhiji in 1917. The ashram is famous due to Gandhiji's Dandi March, one of the most significant incidences of India's Freedom Struggle, that commenced from here towards Dandi. This Ashram is a memorabilia of Gandhiji and the incidents of his life during that period. Gandhiji chose this spot to proliferate his experiments with different constructive activities as measures of self-reliance. He started spinning and weaving and patronizing khadi in this ashram.

A guided tour with prior appointment can help the tourist visit the following attractions in the Sabarmati Ashram: Magan Niwas, Upasana Mandir, Hriday Kunj, Vinoba-Mira Kutir, Nandini, Udyog Mandir, Somnath Chattralaya, Teacher's Niwas, The Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya, Painting Gallery, My life is my message, Library and Archives. Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya is a small museum that documents the letters and photographs of Gandhiji. The Archive shelves manuscripts, felicitations, photo negatives, files all related to Gandhiji's live.

Hriday Kunj is Mahatma Gandhi and Kasturba Gandhi's living quarters, Vinoba-Mira Kutir is the place were Acharya Vinoba Bhave and MiraBen stayed at different times, Upasana Mandir is the prayer ground of the ashram people and similarly, all the other attractions of this ashram are all somehow related to Gandhiji's life.

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