Swaminarayan Temple, Ahmedabad

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Built in 1822, this is the first temple of the Swami Narayana sect. Constructed during the British era, this temple was built by Ananandanand Swami. Made by Burmese Teak wood, all carvings are beautifully carved according to the specifications mentioned in their religious scriptures and with bright colours.

Swami Narayan had set up many idols over here by himself and many items of his own use are also displayed in this temple. Different religious representations and chapters related to their gods are demonstrated through the sculptures of the temple.

The temple also has a special section for women disciples, specially for their teaching and ceremonies. This temple is a celebration of colour amidst the old and colourless city life of old Ahmedabad. Nara Narayana is the principal deity of this temple.

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