Tomb of Mariam Zamani, Agra

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Mariam Zamani was the daughter of Raja Barmal Kachhwaha of Ajmer. She was married to Mughal Emperor, Akbar the Great and was conferred the title of Mariam Zamani meaning Compassionate to the World by Akbar when she gave birth to their long awaited son Salim who later became famous as Jahangir.

Mariam Zamani died in 1623 at Agra and her son Jahagir built a tomb for her. It is located close to the tomb of his father Akbar in Sikandra. The tomb was completed in four years from 1623 to 1627.

The square shaped tomb stands in a garden with two corridors erected in the centre. The mausoleum has vaulted ceiling and is built on big arches supported by huge piers. It is made of bricks and mortar and topped by stucco. It has four huge chhattris or umbrellas on its four corners which lend it an ornamental cover. The mausoleum is an excellent example of ‘domeless tombs’ in Mughal style architecture.


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