Tomb of Itibar Khan, Agra

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Prince Shah Jahan tried to forcibly usurp the throne of his father, Emperor Jahangir. He revolted against his father in 1622 but was defeated. However, he finally became the emperor when Jahangir died in 1627.

Itibar Khan, literally meaning a man of trust, was an officer in charge of Emperor Jahangir’s haram or the abode of the royal ladies. He refused to help Jahangir’s son Shah Jahan when he tried to wrest Agra in 1623. Impressed by his loyalty, Jahangir rewarded him with the title of Mumtaz Khan.

In keeping with the customs of his times, Itibar Khan built his own tomb when he was alive on the suburbs of Agra. The tomb was situated on Guru ka Tal, the huge water reservoir.

The mausoleum originally comprised a mosque and a sarai besides the tomb. A major part of the monument was destroyed when a railway track and roads were constructed here. Only the mosque and tomb survive today.

The tomb is popularly known as Barah Khamba because of the twelve pillars on its upper pavilion. Itbar Khan’s grave is housed in square mausoleum. It can be reached through a sandstone gate.


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