Tomb of Firuz Khan Khwaja sara, Agra

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Although Emperor Jahangir mentions the name of Firuz Khan Khwajasarai in his memoirs, he was actually a noble man in the court of Emperor Shah Jahan. His title Khwaja sarai shows that he was an officer in charge of the haram or serai, the residence of the royal ladies.

Firoz Khan died on October 7, 1647, but as was the custom among the noble men of those days, he built his mausoleum when he was alive and named the place as Tal Firuz Khan.

Situated on Gwalior Road, a few kilometers from Agra, the red sandstone mausoleum is a double storey monument. You can enter the premises through an arched gate located on its southern side.

The noble man’s grave lies on a 40 feet square octagon shaped plinth on the ground floor which lies under a semi-circular dome. There is also a small mosque on the western side of the plinth. The decorations on the mausoleum bear close resemblance to the design of the tombs of Akbar and Itimad-ul-Daula.


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