Panch Mahal, Agra

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Panch Mahal is a five-story pavilion, which was built as a summer palace especially for Akbar’s three wives and other royal ladies. The structure is situated close to the palace of Jodha Bai, wife of Mughal Emperor, Akbar. In fact, the mahal is connected to Jodha Bai’s palace and the royal chamber.

Panch Mahal was also known as badger or wind tower because it was designed in a special Persian architectural style that allowed unrestricted entry of air to ward off the scorching heat in the summer months of Agra.

The striking feature of the palace is that each upper storey is smaller than the lower storey. While the ground floor measures some 130 feet by 40 feet the fifth floor is 10 feet by 10 feet and has a magnificent square shaped chhatri with a cupola.

Each floor of the tower stands upon artistically carved pillars and is open on all sides so as to allow maximum ventilation. The ground floor was meant for servants.


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