Mariam uz-Zamani Palace, Agra

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Mariam was the first Rajput wife of Emperor Akbar. She was the eldest princess of Kachwaha Rajput chieftain, Raja Bharmal of Amber now called Ajmer.

Mariam gave birth to Akbar’s much awaited son Salim, who later came to be known as Nuruddin Salim Jahangir. Because of this, she was conferred with the title of Mariam uz Zamani meaning Mary of the Age.

Mariam uz-Zamani died in 1622, and a palace named after her was built by her son Jahangir. The palace is currently located on Tantpur Road in Jyoti Nagar, close to the Tomb of Akbar.

The palace was primarily designed as a residence of the royal ladies who stayed in purdah. It houses several apartments located around a common courtyard. There is also a garden on the northern side which is connected to the palace by a viaduct.


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