Jahangir Mahal, Agra

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Located in Agra Fort, Jahangir Mahal was built in the year 1570 by Mughal Emperor Akbar as zenana palace or the ladies residence. It was meant to house his Rajput wives. Enter the fort and the first structure you encounter on the right of the entrance from the Amar Singh Gate is Jahangir Mahal.

The palace is made of red sand stone and displays a generous blend of Hindu and Islamic architectural styles. A gateway leads to an inner courtyard that is surrounded by large halls which are extensively adorned with Persian style stone carvings. The most striking feature of the palace is the decorative stone brackets that support the beams.

The palace was later modified by Jahangir – a fact that becomes evident when you see the different styles of the interior and exterior. Jahangir also added a circular tank, which was known after him as Jahangir Hauz. During the emperor’s time, the tank was filled with fragrant water.


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