Shree Radha Ras Bihari Ashta Sakhi Temple, Vrindavan

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Located on the grounds of the Krishna Janmabhomi temple lies India’s oldest temple, the Shree Radha Ras Bihari Ashta Sakhi Temple, dedicated to Radha-Krishna and Radha’s eight “sakhis” for friends who were intimately involved in the love play between them. It is home to the divine rasleela between the Lord and Radha.

Legend has that it is one of the two places in Mathura and Vrindavan where the Lord actually indulged in rasleela. There are those who believe that at night they can actually hear the sound of the anklets beating to the tunes of the divine melodies.

The clothes of the idols and those of the eight sakhis are changed daily before the main prayers. Some of these clothes date back to hundreds of years. Although it was recently refurbished, majority of the structure is still the same as it was when it was first built.

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