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Travel to the 5 Unique Museums in India

By Manoj Menon

When you think of a museum you are reminded of a place where you see only old artefacts like clothes, weapons and manuscripts? Think twice! How about a museum dedicated only to documenting money or head to the toilet museum and learn the history of mankind's involvement with nature's call in the most intricate ways. There are many such unique museums in India that are sure to interest you a lot. Here is a guide to five such unique museums.

1. Sulabh International Museum of Toilets

Have you heard of a museum of toilets? Delhi has one such museum dedicated to the evolution of toilets. This museum is run by Sulabh International, and their motto is to educate and create awareness among the public about the methods of sanitization and about the history of toilets.

The museum has a rare collection of facts, pictures and objects that illustrate the evolution of toilets in a chronology of events. It has an extensive display of privies, chamber pots, toilet furniture, bidets and water closets from 2500 BC to the modern age. The museum is open from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm and the entry is free. Travellers coming to Delhi should certainly make it a point to visit this unique museum.

1. Sulabh International Museum of Toilets

Various toilets on display at the museum.
Photo Courtesy: Native Planet

2. Arna Jharna (Museum of Brooms)

The Arna Jharna gives a completely offbeat experience to travellers heading to Jodhpur. This quirky and wonderful museum of brooms stands in the open desert and has panoramic display of hundreds of brooms from the far corners of Rajasthan. The museum researches and promotes ancient knowledge provided by these varieties of brooms.

Tourists coming here can enjoy a trip through this museum and learn more about the various types of brooms that were used here from ancient times.

3. Vechaar Utensils Museum

Vechaar Utensils Museum in Ahmedabad basically displays a record of the past history of evolution portrayed with the help of utensils that were used by man in various time periods. Established quite close to Vishalla village in 1981, this institute records the changes of requirement in human history through the usage of different utensils in different ages and is a tribute to the human spirit of evolution. The various utensils ranging from gourd jug to the stainless steel utensils of today are kept on display here. Variety of metals ranging from brass, copper, bronze to German silver are also showcased over here.

4. Jawahar Toy Museum

Relive your childhood days at the Jawahar Toy Museum in Pondicherry that houses a unique collection of over 150 dolls. These dolls are dressed in costumes from different states of India. Also on display is a little Fairyland with a tiny Ganesha watching over all the proceedings. It is a perfect place to head to for a fun outing with kids and your loved ones.

5. RBI Monetary Museum

The RBI Monetary Museum in Mumbai takes you through the evolution of money in India. You can find a great collection of old coins dating back to 5th century BC till date. It also has on display the world's smallest coin. It is a perfect place to head to for understanding the changes in currency that have taken place in our country over the period of time.

RBI Monetary Museum

Coins and notes on display at the museum.
Photo Courtesy: Native Planet

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