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8 Overwhelming Things About Ladakh – Part 1

By: Akshatha Vinayak

The thought of life in the Himalayan regions is scary and exciting at the same time. In modernised world, every place is developed into cities with sky-scrappers. It is hard to find a place which is not hit by modernisation yet alluring! Somehow, nature has its defence against human strategies; that is why we still have a few regions that are untouched! Among such wonders, Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir is a mystical region which remains pristine even to this day!

Shall we explore some interesting things about Ladakh?!

Road Trip

A Road Trip in Ladakh
Photo Courtesy: Fulvio Spada

Ancient Trade Route

Ladakh became famous for its strategic location; it connects China, Tibet and Central Asia. Hence it was one of the prominent trade routes till 1960's. It was when China closed its interaction with Tibet and Central Asia that Ladakh lost its fame and became only a tourist hub.


Peaks near Pangong Tso
Photo Courtesy: Fulvio Spada

Mentioned in Greek Literature

Records suggest that Ladakh region was inhabited from the Neolithic age. Interestingly, it is also referred to in several Greek works of Herodotus, Megasthanese, etc.


Locals of Ladakh
Photo Courtesy: Praveen

Indo-Aryan Origin

Indo-Aryans and Tibetans mostly inhabit Ladakh. Indo-Aryans belong to an ethnolinguistic group from the Indo-European origin. After Tibet's dispute against China, many immigrant Tibetans made this region their home.


Magnetic Hill
Photo Courtesy: Fulvio Spada

Magnetic Hill, a Wonder

A tour in Ladakh is never complete without visiting the Magnetic Hill. It is also known as Gravity Hill which creates a unique illusion.

A Place of High Altitude Lakes

Just imagine the water bodies in an almost dry high mountains. Surprisingly, Ladakh is a region with several beautiful high-altitude lakes. Pangong Tso, Kiagar Tso, Mirapal Tso, Tso Moriri Lake are some famous lakes in Ladakh.


Pangong Tso
Photo Courtesy: Fulvio Spada

Sparsely Populated

Unlike other parts of India, Ladakh is not crowded. In fact, it is one of the main reasons why Ladakh has preserved its original state. You will only find a few communities of people and travellers here.


Double-Humped Camels
Photo Courtesy:Karunakar Rayker

Have you Heard of Twin-Humped Camels?

For Indians can only imagine big humped camels in the desert regions like Rajasthan. However, Ladakh is a home to some unique species of camels - Twin-Humped (Bactrian) Camels. They are rare and much smaller in size when compared to regular camels.


Maitreya Buddha
Photo Courtesy: Saurabh Kumar_

Land of Monasteries

Tibetan Buddhists are one of the primary inhabitants in Ladakh. Hence, the region is full of Buddhist Monasteries or Gompas.

We are sure these interesting facts about Ladakh to make you curious to visit this place. Pack your bags and get set for an unforgettable adventure in Ladakh.

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