» »These Spectacular Forts In Satara Mustn't Be Missed By Any Traveller

These Spectacular Forts In Satara Mustn't Be Missed By Any Traveller

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A beautiful district at the confluence of Krishna and Venna rivers, Satara is a historic place in Maharashtra, which was once a seat of the Maratha Empire. Therefore, the region is home to several ancient places and historical monuments related to the Marathas. As per records, it was founded in the 16th century and since then, it has been progressing rapidly. Today, Satara is one of the fastest-developing districts in India and has become a popular tourist attraction. From lakes to temples and forts to hills, Satara harbours hundreds of interesting spots.

How about taking up the expedition of exploring its beautiful forts this season? The beauty of these incredible places will certainly astonish you. So, let's move ahead and learn in detail about their exact location and history. If you are a traveller, you must add them to your bucket list now.

Bhushangad Fort

Bhushangad Fort

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Oval in shape and located at an elevation of about 600 feet, Bhushangad Fort is a hill fort which is said to have been constructed by a king of the Devagiri Yadavas in the early 13th century. However, no strong evidence to prove its exact date of formation has still been found.

As it remained under the control of the Maratha Empire in the late 17th century, it is generally associated to the Maratha King Shivaji Maharaj. The fort is spread over an area of about 250 sq m and is an ideal place for weekend trekkers and campers.

The compound of the fort also houses temples dedicated to Goddess Durga and Lord Hanuman. Therefore, it is also visited by hundreds of Hindu devotees every year.

Pratapgad Fort

Pratapgad Fort


Located at a distance of about 75 km from the main city of Satara, Pratapgad Fort is believed to have been built in the year 1656 by the Maratha ruler Shivaji Maharaj. The fort complex is also popular amongst historians as the site where the famous battle of Pratapgad between the forces of the Marathas and the Adil Shahis was fought.

As it is located atop a hill, it is also a popular trekking destination. Due to its location in the vicinity of the famous hill station Mahabaleshwar, it is frequented by thousands of tourists every year. If you are looking for a place where you can savour the beauty of history and nature simultaneously, then you must visit Pratapgad Fort in Satara.

Sajjangad Fort

Sajjangad Fort

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Literally translated as the fort of gentlemen, Sajjangad Fort was built by the Bahmani dynasty in between the 14th and 15th centuries. However, it was captured and ruled by several other dynasties including the Mughals, the Adil Shahis and the Marathas.

It is also believed to be the place where Samarth Ramdas, a great saint in the 17th century, spent most of his time in meditation. Therefore, the fort complex houses his samadhi, which was built by the Maratha King Sambhaji.

Today, Sajjangad Fort has become a tourist destination and is visited by several history lovers. As the region is blessed with a peaceful environment and green surroundings, it also makes for an ideal weekend getaway.

Ajinkyatara Fort

Ajinkyatara Fort


Another beautiful fort dotting the expanse of Satara, Ajinkyatara Fort is located at an elevation of about 4400 feet and was built in the 16th century when the region was under the rule of the Mughal dynasty. This beautiful fort was once considered as one of the impregnable forts in India.

It plays a significant role in the development of the Maratha Empire as it is the place from where the Maratha kings controlled the southern parts of Maharashtra. It is a must-visit place for every history lover and photographer.

Kamalgad Fort

Kamalgad Fort


With an elevation of more than 4000 feet, Kamalgad Fort is a perfect weekend destination for trekkers and campers. Even though the history of the fort is still unknown, it is believed to have been established several centuries ago before the period of the Marathas.

Apart from exploring the ruined structure of the fort and its trekking trails, you can also indulge in capturing the panoramic beauty of the nearby settlements from its top. So, don't you think it deserves to be visited by every traveller?

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