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Have You Visited The Temple Of Ants In Kerala?

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India has many temples that are dedicated to animals. Here's one such temple in Kerala that worships ants! Yes, the Urumbachan Kottam in Kannur district of Kerala is a temple dedicated to ants. Let us know more about this interesting temple.

Urumbachan Gurusthanam

For the locals of the region, the place is Urumbachan Gurusthanam - Temple of Ants. The residents who live here don't harm ants or kill them, as they are seen as Gods. There is no idol or temple built for the 'Father Ant' or Urumbachan, yet the residents of the region light a lamp every day at the Gurusthanam and offer coconuts to the Ant God on special occasions.

Urumbachan Kottam

The Legend Behind The Temple

Legend has it that the place where the Gurusthanam is, was earlier proposed for building a Ganesha temple. A carpenter fixed a stick on the ground, to fix the spot where the Ganesha Temple had to be built.

The next morning, the stick was found at a place half a kilometre away from where it was fixed, and there was an anthill where the stick was fixed the previous day. The residents took this as a message from the Divine, and started worshipping the ants where the anthill was found. Subsequently, a Ganesha Temple was built where the stick was found.

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Belief Of The Locals

The locals light lamps at the Gurusthanam, and offer coconuts on special days. Devotees pray to the Father Ant and offer coconuts to the deity to get rid of the ant menace at their homes. The deity is believed to be powerful.

Urumbachan Kottam

You can see hundreds of ants here on the day of Karthika in the month of Vrishchikam. This day is celebrated by the residents by lighting many lamps at the Gurusthanam. The platform of Gurusthanam, which was earlier built in teak wood, was recently renovated and rebuilt in cement. Ants are also seen as a representation of hardwork, which can also be the ideology behind the worship of ants at the Gurusthanam.

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How To Reach This Unique Temple

Urumbachan Gurusthanam is located near Thottada in Kannur. You can take an auto or use public transport to reach Thottada from Kannur. Here's how to reach Kannur.

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How to Reach Kannur?

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