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» »Seven Wonder Places Of India- The Flower Valley In Uttarakhand

Seven Wonder Places Of India- The Flower Valley In Uttarakhand

Written By: Vineeth Mohan

It is said that 'The earth laughs in flowers'! Who doesn't get joyful while been handed a bouquet of flowers? Then imagine a valley wholly for flowers! Naturally designed carpets of red, blue, pink, yellow ,white and other colours! Absolute bliss right? That is what awaits you in the Flower Valley In Uttarakhand. Valley of Flowers is a grand and vibrant national park reposing in West Himalayas.

Seven Wonder Places Of India- The Flower Valley In Uttarakhand

Deeper part of the valley of flowers 
PC : Kushaal 

Endowed with a rich variety of endemic flora, Valley of flowers is set in the backdrop of the majestic Zanskar and Himalayan ranges with a sprawling expanse of 87 square kilometres. This Zion on earth has been unknown to the outside world till the British mountaineers Frank S. Smythe, Eric Shipton and R.L. Holdsworth ended up here accidentally after a successful mountain expedition. Stunned by the beauty of area, they named it "Valley of Flowers" and Frank Smythe went on to write a book of the same name. Let's see what makes it one among the Seven Wonder Places Of India.

A virtual paradise on earth!

Paradise is the ideal metonym for this grandeur place. Nature has profusely designed coats of different colours throughout the terrain which is in the backdrop of sublime mountain ranges of Zanskar and Himalayas. The very thought of it gives you goosebumps right?

Seven Wonder Places Of India- The Flower Valley In Uttarakhand

The valley of flowers

This lush region, bounded by the glittering glaciers and striking mountains, is home to some endangered and nearly extinct animal species. One may spot animals like Asiatic black deer, snow leopard, musk deer, red fox, brown bear and blue sheep in the area.

Well known for it's charming meadows with rich diversity of alpine flora, this place also has a rich diversity of threatened medicinal plants . According to the Hindu legend, Lord Hanuman had collected the Sanjeevani buti for curing Lord Lakshmana from here.

A Trek in the Zion!

Seven Wonder Places Of India- The Flower Valley In Uttarakhand

Pushpawati River Rushing out of the Valley of Flowers
PC : Alokprasad  

Emerald mountain ranges, green meadows and white clouds fuse to create a dreamlike locale here. The trek towards the valley begins at GovindGhat after crossing the Alaknanda river across a hanging bridge. The 16 km trail for the trek is full of nature's scenic splendours from cascading milky waterfalls and cold water springs to flowery meadows. With the flamboyant paddocks, crystalline streams and majestic peaks, this ornate of flowers is a worthy watch spectacle.

Seasons to visit : The valley would be covered with a thick blanket of snow during the winters and bursts in to it's majestic boom on the arrival of months of July , August and September. Once the monsoon clouds begin to drizzle, the entire region would sparkle like a colourful carpet!

How to reach : Jolly Grant Airport is the nearest Airport and the nearest railway station to Valley of Flowers is Rishikesh. The roads are only connected to GovindGhat from where you have to commence a trek of 16 km to reach the valley.

The locals believe that the valley is inhabited by fairies! Why not? Even fairies would dream of taking a stroll here. So pack your bags and travel to this fairyland!!!

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