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» »A Mysterious Offbeat Place: Dronagiri in Uttarakhand!

A Mysterious Offbeat Place: Dronagiri in Uttarakhand!

Written By: Akshatha Vinayak

You must have read one previous article on a place where Hanuman is treated as a villain on our website. Well, if you haven't, then do Click here! Similar to that, we are taking you to another place where the locals hate Hanuman.


Photo Courtesy: Gautam

We don't know how such strong beliefs are formed, but things change over time. However, even to this day, it is a surprise to see such mysterious places and the tales that are related to them. Here is another village where Hanuman is seen in a bad light. Though many changes have happened in the recent years, the village of Dronagiri is an unusual place in Uttarakhand. It attracts many visitors also because it is a famous trekking place.

Dronagiri is also called as Dunagiri; a small village in Almora. Interestingly, the hamlet is located at the foot of a Himalayan mountain named Dronagiri. While the snow covered mountain stands in all its grandeur, the hilly village of Dronagiri rejoices amidst the green vegetation. In fact, the name is derived from the mountain that shines in the backdrop.


Nature's bounty in Dronagiri
Photo Courtesy: Gautam

Dronagiri village is not just known as a mythological place but also for the wide range of medicinal plants and herbs that engulf its surroundings. Hence, the local Bhutia tribe also believe this mountain as their presiding deity.

Legends of Dronagiri

Legend takes us back to Ramayana. Once, Lakshman gets seriously injured in a battle. To cure him, Hanuman takes it upon himself to find a medicinal herb. However, it gets confusing for Hanuman to find that particular herb, so he takes away a part of the mountain. Hence, the locals are angered by his antics.

Coincidently, the tip of the hill is flat instead of being sharp. So, it is believed that this was the part of the mountain which the Hanuman took. However, now the place is covered with lush greenery and people are happy with it. Recently, the researchers from Patanjali Company have also discovered some unique medicinal herbs in this region.

Another legend has it that, the Guru of Pandavas, Dronacharya used to meditate here. Hence, the region got it's name as Dronagiri.


Dronagiri Temple
Photo Courtesy: Gautam Dhar

If you are interested in visiting this unique place, then do add this place in your Uttarakhand tourism. Dunagiri Devi Temple is also situated here.

How to Reach Dronagiri

  • Dronagiri is around 400km from Delhi. 
  • By Road: Tourists can go in vehicles till a spot named Jumma which is on the banks of Dhouli Ganga river. A trek from Jumma will reach you to Dronagiri.

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