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Seven Wonder Places Of India - Key Monastery In Himachal Pradesh

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Key Monastery In Himachal Pradesh is a picturesque Tibetan Buddhist monastery located on a hilltop in Spiti valley of Himachal Pradesh, in midst of brown and white coated gigantic mountain ranges. The spectacular monastery is located at an height of 4166 metres above sea level and can be easily spotted from the town of Kaza which is 7km away. It would appear like a gigantic white balloon floating in the air from that distance. Sounds interesting right? It is pretty sure that the place, which is one among the Seven Wonder Places of India, would seem 100 times more spectacular once you reach there!

Key Monastery In Himachal Pradesh

Key Monastery - PC: 4ocima

A stay at the marvellous Key monastery!

Founded by Dromton , a pupil of Atisha, in the 11th century , this 1000 year old monastery is home to around 300 lamas who receive their religious education here. Surrounded by snow capped mountains and glaciers,it seems like Key monastery is the crown jewel to the entire Himachal. The route to the monastery is equally breath taking.

The monastery is a wonderful example of the monastic architecture that came into prominence during the 14th century because of the Chinese influence.It is famous for it's style of architecture called Pasada. The Key monastery is a renowned religious training centre for the Lamas who can be seen dancing, singing and playing on their pipes and horns there.

Key Monastery In Himachal Pradesh

Key Monastery in Winter - PC: Ksuryawanshi

The walls of the monastery are decorated with beautiful paintings and murals, thangkas (a painted or embroidered Tibetan banner), valuable manuscripts, stucco images, and unique wind instruments. Key monastery has a rich collection of ancient murals and books of high aesthetic value and it enshrines Buddha images and idols, in the position of Dhyana. There is also a collection of weapons which were probably used to defend the monastery from the attackers.

At Key, you can live in the existing Lama quarters , at Rs. 200 per night, including meals that will be cooked by and for the resident monks which is a unique experience.

To be at the roof of the monastery is a splendid experience. Your heart will surely a skip a beat or two once you are at the top. On one side is the magnanimous Himalayas and on the other side lies the Spiti river valley set at the backdrop of snow-capped Himalayas. The Kye village and it's lush green farms nestled on the banks of river gives a majestic treat for your eyes!

So why waiting? Pack your bags and visit this serene and tranquil place which would sooth your soul. And never forget to savour the flavour of butter tea which the Lamas serve! It's appetizing.

Best time for visiting Key Monastery In Himachal Pradesh is during summer, from May to October. From October end, Rohtang Pass remains closed due to snow fall.

How to reach : Neighbouring town of Kaza can be reached from the city of Manali by buses and taxis. Shimla has the nearest airport and railway station.

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