» »Qila Mubarak – The Memoirs of the First Queen of India

Qila Mubarak – The Memoirs of the First Queen of India

By Siji Ram

Qila Mubarak is one of the unique attractions in Punjab that takes you back in history, to the times when a brave ruler was imprisoned only for being in love. Let us get to know more about this 1400 year old fort and the stories related to it.

Princess Razia was the only daughter of the King Iltutmish, who was the Sultan of Delhi. The King had sons who were not as brave, wise and capable as his daughter Razia. This led to his decision of making her the Queen of Delhi after his death.


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However, the people were not ready to accept a Queen, and her brother Ruknuddin was throned soon after Iltutmish's death. As predicted by the King, Rukniddin lazed away his time in sheer luxury and other pleasures, resulting in a poor government. Ruknuddin was assassinated in months of his reign, and the mob reluctantly accepts Razia as their ruler.

Razia, who was a shred administrator and a brave warrior, brought several changes in Delhi from the establishment of schools and other institutions to banning purdah and reforming the societal norms for the betterment of the people. Unfortunately, the Queen falls in love with an Abyssinian slave and the affair becomes known to all in the royal court.


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Yakut, her lover is killed in a attack by Altunia, who is said to have fallen in love with the Queen. Altunia, who wanted the Queen back, dethrones and imprisons her at Qila Mubarak after her lover's death. The sensible Razia decides to marry Altunia, and sets on a journey to Delhi with her husband. Unfortunately, the couple is assassinated near Kaithal in Haryana.

Qila Mubarak in Bathinda stand as a memorial to the times when the Queen was held captive after being dethroned. The fort would give you goosebumps as it is also a fort that was trodden by several rulers in the history of India like the rulers of Kanishka, Razia Sultana, Sultan Mahmud and Prithvi Raj Chauhan. You can also see the prison built to imprison the Queen, and also a gurudwara that is open only for religious purposes. It is said that Guru Gobind Singh had visited the place and blessed it. It is a true historical marvel that should be visited on your trip to Bathinda.


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Other attractions of Bathinda

The other attractions of the place include the Lakhi jungle, Maiser Khana, Bir Talab Zoo, Bathinda Lake and the Zoological Garden.

How to Reach Bathinda

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