» »A Step in the History: Exploring Panhala in Kolhapur

A Step in the History: Exploring Panhala in Kolhapur

By Akshatha Vinayak

The hill station of Panahala has been a historical place which has seen battles! Today, it is a hill-city with Panhala Fort is as its centre in Maharashtra. The tales of Panhala in Kolhapur is surely interesting to know.

Tourist Attractions in Panhala

Panhala Fort, Parashar Caves, Someshwara Temple and Pawangarh Fort are the top tourist attractions in Panhala.

 Panhala in Kolhapur

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Panhala Fort

The Panhala Fort or Panhalagad is the major tourist attraction in Panhala. It was built by Shilahara ruler Bhoja II. Later, it came under the rule of Adil Shahi Dynasty who made several additions to the fort.

Panhala Fort was invaded by Shivaji Maharaj who is said to have stayed here for a long time. Therefore, it is one of the forts where Shivaji has spent more than 500 days apart from his childhood residences. It was in Panhala Fort that the "Battle of Pawan Khind" took place when Shivaji escaped but only to recapture the fort a little later.

 Panhala in Kolhapur

Panhala Fort
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Attractions at Panhala Fort

Fortunately, the Panhala Fort is still in a good condition after so many years. Here you can see Kalavanticha Mahal, Ambarkhana, Sajja Kothi, Andhar Bavadi (stepwell), Dharma Kothi, temples and mausoleums, Teen Darwaza and Rajdindi Bastion. It is exciting cover all these attractions at Panhala Fort.

Parashar Caves

According to the legends, the Parashar Caves or Parashar Theerth is said to be the residence of the Sage Parashar. Several old inscriptions which address Panhala as Pranlak indicate to his life at these caves. Many other literary works relate these caves to Sage Parashar. Hence, it is one of the best attractions in Panhala.

 Panhala in Kolhapur

Panhala Fort
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Places in and Around Panhala

There are many other places apart from Panhala Fort and Parashar Caves. The hill station has a famous sunset point where you can get an awesome view. The famous temple town Kolhapur is located around 20km from Panhala.

Best Time to Visit Panhala

Panhala is an year-round destination but the time from October to March is the best time to visit Panhala.

Accommodation at Panhala

Panhala has a few budget hotels and MTDC lodges. So, you can stay in Kolhapur which is a well-developed city.

 Panhala in Kolhapur

Parashar Caves
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How to Reach Panhala

Panhala is around 20km from Kolhapur. So, it is better to reach Kolhapur and then take a local transport to reach Panhala. Kolhapur Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Panhala. Since Kolhapur is a famous, it is well-connected to other major cities like Mumbai and Pune in Maharashtra.

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