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Must-visit Places In Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh

One of the most populous and fastest-growing states in India, Andhra Pradesh is enjoying the perks of having innumerable places of interest. Over a period of time, it has become one of the most visited states in India and hence, the tourism industry in the state has witnessed a drastic growth.

Srikakulam is one amongst these tourist spots in the state which have been home to several alluring destinations. Being a coastal district, it also houses several beach towns. So, how about visiting Srikakulam district this season and learning about its various places of interest? Read on to know more about the must-visit places in Srikakulam.

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PC- George Puvvada

Salihundam is an ancient site in Srikakulam district which is popular for the archaeological remains of Buddhist stupas, shrines, deities and several other remnants from the corresponding period. Located at a distance of around 10 km from the main town of Srikakulam, Salihundam was discovered by Venkata Rama Murthy in the year 1919 and is nestled beautifully on the banks of Vamsadhara river atop a hill.

The oldest site at Salihundam dates back to the 2nd century, thereby, depicting the existence of Buddhism during that period. If you love exploring beyond natural beauties and desire to learn a little bit of history, then Salihundam is the place where you should be this weekend. You can also visit nearby Kalingapatnam Beach and its ancient site.

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Baruva is a beach town located in the Srikakulam district and is popular for its historical remains from the British Era. Being a beachside beauty, it is also popular amongst local tourists for Baruva Beach, which is believed to be one of the oldest beaches in Andhra Pradesh.

Mahendragiri Mountain located nearby is another tourist spot which is said to be the place where the Pandavas built temples and from where they ascended to heaven. It is also the highest mountain peak in the Eastern Ghats. During the British Raj, Baruva was a famous seaport and hence, you can still find its proof in the form of Baruva Pillar, which was built to honour the people who died in the 1917 shipping accident.

Today, it is mostly visited by beach lovers and locals who come here to enjoy a pristine environment at Baruva Beach. So, how about visiting Baruva and discovering its ancient beauty along with savouring the charm of its beach?

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PC- B.K.Viswanadh

Arasavalli is another significant town in Srikakulam district which is famous amongst tourists for its 17th-century Arasavalli Temple, which is said to have been built by the Kalinga ruler, Devendra Verma. Being dedicated to Lord Sun, it is an important religious site in Srikakulam for the Hindus.

The presence of a beautiful water tank in the adjoining area of the temple helps in magnifying the overall charm and beauty of the place. You must visit Arasavalli in Srikakulam if you are looking to sit by the tank amid divine atmosphere and be enchanted by its spiritual surroundings.

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Sri Kurmam

Sri Kurmam

PC- Adityamadhav83

Sri Kurmam is immensely popular for Kurmanathaswamy Temple, which dates back to the period of the 13th century. Dedicated to Lord Kurmanatha, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Kurmanathaswamy Temple is believed to be originally completed during the 2nd century.

Hence, due to its historical and religious significance, it is visited by numerous Hindu devotees and several seasonal tourists. The beautiful structural formation of the temple is also something which one cannot merely ignore.

From murals to reliefs, there is a lot to explore within the compound of Kurmanathaswamy Temple. Wouldn't you love to plan a trip to Srikakulam now to learn about its ancient history and age-old culture?

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