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Mehandipur Balaji Temple To Witness Live Exorcism!

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Do you believe in ghosts? Do you think a human being can be possessed by a harmful spirit? Do you even think the spirits exist? Let us visit a temple in Rajasthan where they have answers for all these questions.

Mehandipur Balaji Temple is a Hindu temple located in Dausa district of Rajasthan. The temple is believed to relieve one from evil spirits and all other negativities like black magic.

Dedicated to Lord Hanuman, the temple is visited by a large number of devotees to free their loved ones of evil forces, and the temple is said to have strong powers. Apart from Lord Hanuman, Bhairav and Pret Raj (King of Spirits) are also worshipped here.

mehandipur balaji

The temple deity
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Negative spirits are believed to create a chill in the air, and you can experience this the moment you enter the temple premises in Dausa district. The air gets heavy and cold, even when it's scorching summer!

The prasad offered here to the devotees is some black coloured balls that are to be thrown in a ceremonial fire inside the temple. The temple is divided into 4 chambers. The first two chambers are dedicated to Lord Hanuman and Lord Bhairav.

As you approach the third chamber, the shrieks, shouts and cries of the possessed can be heard loud, which may make you think twice about entering the chamber. In the third hall, you can see all the people who have come there to get the blessings of the Lord and be cured of all the negative forces that possess them.

Mehandipur Balaji Temple

The idol of Lord Bhairav
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Even an atheist may doubt his beliefs at the sight of people here who can be seen pouring boiling water on their bodies feeling no pain, harming themselves by hitting their heads on the walls and pillars, all that are believed to be the deeds of the spirit that has possessed them!

A small exit from the third chamber leads to the fourth and the scariest chamber of the temple. Here you can see humans from kids to adults tied to pillars and rocks with chains, some of them beaten up by priests to free them off the spirits. You may perhaps have seen all these only in some horror movies, but here in this temple these rituals are for real.

Mehandipur Balaji Temple

The idol of Pret Raj
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Once you're out of the temple, you can leave the temple premises without turning back. It is believed that once you enter the temple, an evil spirit follows you. Turning back while leaving the temple is said to make you the next victim of the evil spirit.

Curious to visit this place? Head to Todabhim, which is located at the border of Karauli and Dausa districts in Rajasthan. The temple is around 100km from Jaipur. The place is well connected to cities like Jaipur, Agra, Alwar, Bharatpur and Dausa by rail and road.

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