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» »Madayipara In Kerala - A Hill Of Flowers, Birds and Butterflies

Madayipara In Kerala - A Hill Of Flowers, Birds and Butterflies

Written By: Vineeth Mohan

Let's welcome 'the gala of flowers- Onam' with a drive to the hillock of flowers and butterflies, Madayipara. A tour to this alluring land will definitely leave you stunned for the heaven under your feet. Being one of the most beautiful landscapes in Northern Kerala, it has a massive ecological importance due to it's wide variety of flora and fauna. The place is more attractive around the month of August-September when the leaving monsoon designs a carpet of blue, pink, yellow and white flowers throughout the terrain. A glorious sight to behold!, Isn't it?

Madayipara is a hillock located near Pazhayangadi in Kannur district of Kerala. It is typical of the laterite foot hills of the Western Ghats. The region has a rich variety of plants, birds and butterflies. What more reasons do you need to visit this heaven on earth?!

Madayipara in Kerala- A hill of Flowers


Madayipara in Kerala - A hill of Flowers, Birds and Butterflies!

Madayipara is rich in it's bio-diversity. It is a home to nearly 300 types of flowering plants and about 30 varieties of grass which also include some unique and sparsely distributed endemic plants that are quite rare. It also has several rare medicinal herbs which are sought by people from near and far off places.

Have you seen a land of Butterflies? Well, this is the one!! This land has as many as 100 species of butterflies and experts say maybe more are yet to be seen. From the pristine yellow grass to the captivating Redspot, this is a paradise of butterflies. One of the biggest butterflies in the world, the Atlas butterfly is a regular visitor to this hillock. During summer, dragon flies are seen in abundance.

Madayipara in Kerala- A hill of Flowers

Madayipara in Summer - PC: Bijesh

The place is also home to a wide variety of birds, about 150 species of smaller and larger kind. Migratory birds visit this place very often. Different species of kingfishers are also spotted here.

Pooram , History and more..

Madayipara in Kerala- A hill of Flowers

A Scene from Madayipara- PC: Uajith

The Pooram festival held here is known for it's grandeur. To savour the splendour of Pooram amidst the thick greenery is a lifetime experience. There is a pond here in the shape of a hand held mirror which is historically connected to ancient Jewish settlers. A fort, believed to have been built by Tippu Sultan and a 12th century white marble mosque are some other tourist attractions here.

Vadukunda Siva Temple, a temple at this pleasing site, and an adjoining lake, about an acre in extension form yet another attraction at Madayipara. Even in the hot summers, the lake doesn't dry up and remains as a source of sustenance for the life forms here.

Madayipara is a must visit place for nature lovers. If you love to explore things on your own, this is the place where you need to be! Travel to this place and the unparalleled attractions here would definitely make your heart skip a beat! Let's go and adore this sightly place..

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