» »Lesser-known Hill Stations In Idukki, Kerala

Lesser-known Hill Stations In Idukki, Kerala

Kerala is, unarguably, one of the most beautiful places in the world and hence, it has been nicknamed as God's Own Country. The spectacular views of soothing backwaters reflecting the brilliant sunrays which are filtering through the convincing leaves of palm trees are somethings nobody would ignore.From enjoying backwater cruises to lazing by the beaches and taking a stroll on its hilly trails to getting lost in the misty mountains, there is everything in Kerala which certainly leaves every visitors stunned.

Idukki is one amongst these beauties in Kerala which is known for its pristine hill stations and rich plains.If you are looking forward to spending your summers amid seclusion and quietude, then visit the following breathtaking hill stations in Idukki which are definitely doors to heaven.

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Once a summer destination for the kings of Travancore, Peermade is a beautiful hill station tucked away in the Western Ghat at an elevation of around 3000 feet. As the area of Peermade is rich in fertile land, the plantations of coffee, tea, cardamom and other spices, such as black pepper and turmeric, are common here.

Being located in the Idukki district, it is home to myriad natural beauties in the form of waterfalls, hills, valleys and farmlands. Over a period of time, it has started gaining popularity amongst locals and several other seasonal tourists who love exploring beyond conventions.

From pine forests to lush meadows, the beauty of Peermade is definitely not to be ignored but savoured and contemplated. You can also visit Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, which is known for the population of Indian elephants and is located at a distance of around 45 km from Peermade.

How To Reach: It is easily accessible by road. However, if you are travelling by train or flight, then the nearest railhead is at Kottayam, at a distance of 80 km, and the nearest airport is at Kochi, at a distance of around 135 km.

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PC- Teeyem

Being a small hamlet, the surroundings of Vattavada is unpolluted and untouched. Even though during the summer season it is visited by several offbeat travellers and local tourists, it is still miles away from the eyes of common tourists. Despite nurturing lush greenery, hosting misty mountains and housing beautiful farmlands, it still could not get what it deserves. So, how about visiting this tiny hamlet surrounded by hills, valleys and plains and popularising it?

Regarding agriculture, Vattavada is known for the production of several crops, such as apple, orange, strawberry, gooseberry and peach. You can also visit nearby attractions which include Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary and Manjampatti Valley.

How To Reach: As the roads are in proper condition, Vattavada is easily accessible by road. However, if you are travelling by rail or flight, then the nearest railhead is at Ernakulam, at a distance of about 170 km and the nearest airport is at Kochi, at a distance of 175 km.

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PC- Varkeyparakkal

Suryanelli is a must-visit hill station in Idukki district if you are looking to explore the beauteous parts of Kerala. Yes, Suryanelli is, undoubtedly, a door to heaven on account of its rich plains, breathtaking sceneries and relaxing waterbodies.

Being a resort town near Munnar, the most preferred hill station in Kerala, the major component of the economy at Suryanelli is its tourism industry. It is enveloped by beautiful farms of tea and coffee and is also home to several other places of interest which include Lord Ganesh Temple, Roman Catholic Church and numerous rivers and streams.

Due to its marvellous surroundings which bring in the essence of liveliness, it is also a perfect place to camp and spend time with family and friends. So, wouldn't you consider planning a trip to Suryanelli and witnessing its grandeur?

How To Reach: Being located near Munnar, it can be accessed by road easily. The nearest airport is at Kochi, at a distance of around 150 km, and the nearest railway station is at Aluva, at a distance of around 130 km. Once you have reached the station or airport, you can hire a cab to Suryanelli.

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Another paradise hidden in the hills of Kerala, Ramakkalmedu is a small village in the Idukki district and is a perfect place to witness the gems of nature. The panoramic views of this enchanting village from hilltops certainly can allure any traveller to plan a trip to Ramakkalmedu.

Here, you can have the golden opportunity of exploring the rich corners of Kerala. Besides all of its natural landscape, Ramakkalmedu is also a historic town which is known for its monumental statue of Kuravan Kurathi from the Sangam period.

How To Reach: The nearest railway station is at Ernakulam and the nearest airport is at Kochi, both at a distance of about 135 km. From the respective station or airport, you can hire a cab to Ramakkalmedu.

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PC- Manu Mathew Keerampanal

Parunthumpara is certainly a beauty resembling the setting of heaven, considering the lush green hills, echoing valleys and sky-high mountains. Being a hill station, the weather of Parunthumpara remains cool and pleasant throughout the year.

Hence, it is a year-round destination. If you are looking to get lost in the ecstasy of nature and come back discovering its gems and splendours, then Parunthumpara is the place where you should be this season. Before its gets commercialised and hence, crowded, plan a tour of this incredible hill station.

How To Reach: The nearest railway station is at Kottayam at a distance of 85 km and the nearest airport is at Kochi at a distance of 133 km.

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