» »Ganapathi Bappa Moriya: Kadalekalu Ganapati Temple - Ruins of Hampi - Attraction 2

Ganapathi Bappa Moriya: Kadalekalu Ganapati Temple - Ruins of Hampi - Attraction 2

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After you visit the Sasivekalu Ganapati, your next attraction at Hampi would be the Kadalekalu Ganapati temple. This temple is also situated at the foothills of Hemakuta. Kadalekalu in Kannada means Bengal-gram; do not go by the name else you would never be able to find the temple at all.

Kadalekalu Ganapati

Image Courtesy : Brunda Nagaraj

A view of Kadalekalu Ganapati 

Facts about Kadalekalu Ganapati Temple 

  1. The status of the Lord Ganapati installed here is carved using a monolithic rock and it is at the northern slope of the Hemakuta hills.
  2. The statue of Lord Ganapati here is 15mt tall.

Design and Architecture of Kadalekalu Ganapati Temple 

This temple is a classic example of the Vijayanagara architecture.

Unlike the Sasivekalu Ganapati temple, this temple has amazing pillars with a lot of intricate carvings and designs being carved on them.

The statue of Ganapati is pretty huge in size and as you go to the rear-side; you would get to see a large hand that supports the Lord from the back. It is said that the hand is of Goddess Parvati (mother of Lord Ganesha) and this shows the sculptors vivid imagination and passion for art leaving the mystery to unfold by itself.

It is said that the Lord Ganapati here is seated on his mother's lap and hence the hand is found at the back of the statue.

The pillars surrounding the temple are of granite, tall and gracefully thin, you get to see a lot of mythology carvings on them which adds to the beauty of the temple.

How do I reach Kadalekalu Ganapati temple?

It is at a walkable distance and from Hampi main bus stand and very close to Sasivekalu Ganapati temple.

You may also hire an auto rickshaw and take an entire tour around the city and there are bicycles and mopeds available on rent.

Other details about Kadalekalu Ganapati temple

  1. Do carry water and torch is needed to explore the rear side of statue within the temple as it is pretty dark inside.
  2. There are no toilet facilities within the premises.
  3. There is no footwear stand.
  4. Photography and videography: Allowed.
  5. Entrance fee: Not applicable.
  6. Timings: 7 AM to 7 PM.
  7. Time required to cover: 30-40 minutes - If you decide to sit and relax for sometime to enjoy the beauty of nature.
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