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» »Sasivekalu Ganapati Temple - Ruins of Hampi - Attraction 1

Sasivekalu Ganapati Temple - Ruins of Hampi - Attraction 1

Written By: Brunda Nagaraj

The land of ruins, Hampi has a lot to offer to a traveller interested in the history and who are inclined towards artistry. It is said that every bit of this place has an amazing story to narrate and every architecture is a result of an event that had happened.

It's time to take a tour of the beautiful Hampi in depth and plan your travel accordingly as she calls for a visit, Let's start with the first attraction, Sasivekalu Ganapati.

As you enter Hampi, you would get to witness the Sasivekalu Ganapati situated at the southern foot of Hemakuta hills. Sasive in Kannada language means Mustard. Do not be surprised to see a 2.4 mt tall monolithic statue of the Lord Ganapati which is in contrast with the name given.

Sasivekalu Ganapati Temple in Hampi

Photo Courtesy : Jean-Pierre Dalbéra

View of Sasivekalu Ganapati temple in Hampi

Facts about Sasivekalu Ganapati Temple

  1. This temple dates back to 15th century.
  2.  The rear of the statue resembles a feminine structure and you would be able to notice it as you take a circumambulation.
  3. A merchant of Chandragiri is said to have built this idol of Ganapati in the memory of the king Narasimha II.

Legend about Sasivekalu Ganapati Temple 

  • It is believed that the Lord once ate a lot of food and to save himself from a belly explosion, he tied a snake around his cute belly.
  • It is also said that the statue of the Lord resembles the shape of a mustard and hence the name Sasivekalu Ganapati.

Design elements of Sasivekalu Ganapati Temple

The amazing statue of the Lord is surrounded by plain square pillars.

You may get to see the beautifully carved snake around the Lord's pot belly.

The statue has four hands, in the upper right hand you would get to see the goad and the broken tusk is held in the lower right hand. The upper left hand has a noose and the lower left hand is broken and it has a sweet.

The statue of the Lord Ganapati is sitting in a half lotus position.

This temple has an amazing pavilion that calls for a lot of photography.

How do I reach Sasivekalu Ganapati temple 

It is at a walkable distance from the main Hampi bus-stand.

You may also hire an auto rickshaw and take an entire tour around the city.

There are bicycles and mopeds available on rent.

Other details about Sasivekalu Ganapati temple 

  1. Do carry a bottle of water and some snacks.
  2. There is no footwear stand.
  3. There are no toilet facilities within the premises.
  4. Photography and videography: Allowed
  5. Entrance fee: Not applicable.
  6. Timings: 7 AM to 7 PM.
  7. Time required to cover: 20 minutes.

 Want to reach Hampi? Click here

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