» »Travel To Jainimedu Jain Temple, The 500 Year Old Temple In Palakkad

Travel To Jainimedu Jain Temple, The 500 Year Old Temple In Palakkad

By Siji Ram

Palakkad is a tourist destination in Kerala known for its scenic beauty and rich culture. The traditional art forms, temples and festivals play a major role in attracting tourists to the place. Let us get to know about Jainimedu, a Jain Temple in Kerala which many of you may not be familiar with.

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Jainimedu Jain Temple is one of the rare temples in Kerala, which is dedicated to Jainism. This 15th century temple is located in Jainimedu, which is just 3 km from Palakkad. Here Chandraprabha, who is a Tirthankar of Jain faith is worshipped.

The Legend Behind The Temple

It is said that the temple was built about 500 years back by a family of diamond traders who migrated from Kanahalli in Karnataka to Jainimedu. Around 400 Jain families lived in that area once, though Jainism is no more prevalent in Kerala.


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The temple is currently managed by Manikka Pattanam Sree Chandraprabha Digambara Basti Trust, and was recently renovated too.

Architecture Of Jainimedu Jain Temple

The temple was built on a 12 acre plot, and is a fine example of Jain architecture in Kerala. The Jainimedu Jain Temple has huge granite walls that display images and carvings of Jain Tirthankaras and Yakshinis. There are four 'aras' or divisions of the walls which are not heavily embellished. The shrine is built on huge rocks of granite.

Interesting Fact About Jainimedu Jain Temple

There is a Jain house next to the temple. This is the place where the famous Malayalam poet Kumaranashan wrote his celebrated poem Veenapoovu or the 'Fallen Flower'.


PC: Shijualex

How To Reach Jainimedu Jain Temple

The temple is in Jainimedu, just 3 km away from Palakkad. You can take an auto rickshaw from Palakkad to the temple. Here's how to reach Palakkad.

Other Tourist Attractions In Palakkad

There are several other places of tourist interest in Palakkad. Some of these are the Kalpathy Temple, Palakkad Fort, Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Dhoni Waterfalls and Kanjirapuzha dam.

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