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Five Unseen And Less Explored Islands In South India!

Written By: Vineeth Mohan

An island floating in the waters is a sight to behold! Who doesn't dream of a tranquil and soothing evening with the waves washing ashore on the golden sands? An island is a perfect spot for hedonic holiday makers . And if you manage to find a secluded or a less explored island, it is going to be a double edge! India has as many as 1200 islands in her. There are many lesser known islands in them as well. Let's take a tour through five of the less explored islands in South India.

Quibble island in Tamil Nadu

Unseen islands Quibble

Cemetry in the Quibble island
PC : Aravind Sivaraj 

Quibble island is a river island in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is formed by the Adyar river and one of it's tributaries. It is the largest among the four islands in the salty inland of Adyar river. During British rule, a European cemetery was located here. Located near to Chennai , this island neither has the hectic ambience nor the haste of Chennai. Go and feel the solitude of this place!

How to reach: You can reach Adyar by road and then take a ferry to Quibble Island. The nearest railway station is Guindy Railway Station.

Hope island in Andhra

Unseen islands Hope island

Hope island from the top 
PC: BotMultichillT 

Hope island is a small tadpole shaped island situated off the coast of Kakinada. It is a 16km long sand spit formed from the sand carried by the waters of Godavari delta. It acts as a sort of natural break water and provides tranquillity to the ships anchored in Kakinada bay which makes Kakinada port one of the safest natural ports. This marvel piece of island is amusing.

How to reach: Ferry from Kakinada Port. The city of Kakinada is the closest city to the island.

Srirangapatna in Karnataka

Unseen islands Srirangapatna

A view from Srirangapatna 
PC: Prof. Mohamed Shareef 

Srirangapatna is a town enclosed by the river Kaveri to form a river island in the Mandya district of Karnataka. It is one among the three holiest shrines of Vaishnavites that makes it the most important Vaishnavite centres of pilgrimage in South India. The great battle of Seringapatam was held here and the subsequent death of Tipu Sultan has been marked here with a tombstone.

How to reach : Taxi/bus/trains are available from Mysore. 

Kavvayi in Kerala

Unseen Islands Kavvayi

Kavvayi island
PC: Sherjeena 

Kavvayi is a group of small islands near Payyannur in the Kannur district of Kerala. Kavvayi , the largest backwaters of Northern Kerala, has been mentioned in the travelogues of many great travellers such as Marco Polo, Ibn Battuta and Abdul Fida. The wetland of 37 square kilometre makes Kavvayi the largest ecosystem of North Kerala. Another island, Valiyaparamba is also located in the same backwaters. The Kavvayi lake is dotted with several small and big islands. A secluded beach named Valiparamba beach runs parallel to the backwaters on its western side.

How to reach : Either use ferry from the mainland or cross through the Mavila Kadappuram Bridge. Nearest railway station is Cheruvathur, on the Kozhikode-Mangalore route.

St. Mary's Islands in Udupi

St. Marys island

St. Mary's in Udupi
PC: Brunda Rao

St. Mary's islands, also known as Coconut island, are a set of four small islands in the Arabian sea off the coast of Malpe in Udupi. The peculiar phenomena of basaltic lava taking columnar formation is a sight to witness. The basalt of the St. Mary's Islands was formed by sub-aerial sub volcanic activity, because at that time Madagascar was attached to India. According to folk legend, Vasco da Gama landed here and named one of these islands as a dedication to Mother Mary. This island is also one of the 26 Geological Monuments of India.

How to reach : Ferry service from Malpe fishing harbor. Malpe is 60 km from Udupi.

These islands could serve as a perfect getaway which you had been yearning for! So, why waiting?!

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