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» »Chembra peak trek - Trekking in the highest peak of Wayanad!

Chembra peak trek - Trekking in the highest peak of Wayanad!

Written By: Vineeth Mohan

Wayanad is the epitome of natural beauty! A landscape with boundless savannas, wooded hills and lush green forests. It is a Zion for any travelling enthusiast! Think of hiking in the highest peak of Wayanad - Chembra peak! Woo, I have heebie-jeebies all over me, looks like you will have them too as you read through this! Chembra peak in Wayanad is one of the best trekking places in Wayanad. Chembra peak trek is very popular among avid trekkers and nature lovers.

Chembra Peak Trek

PC - Sankara Subramanian

Chembra peak, the highest peak in Wayanad, is part of the Wayanad hill ranges in Western Ghats adjoining Nilgiri Hills and Vellarimala. Chembra peak trek is one of a kind experience with the trek trail through lush green meadows. Let's see what makes Chembra peak trek a breathtaking experience.

Elegance at it's Zenith!

Chembra peak trek is an amazing experience with lush greenery all around. One can have the birdview of breathtaking landscape of Wayanad from here. As beautiful as the other parts of Western Ghats, Chembra peak is certainly one of the best trekking places in Wayanad and Kerala.

The Chembra peak trek has many wonders hidden under its vest for avid trekkers! The trek uphill requires a trekker to cross seven picturesque hills before reaching the Chembra peak. Natural beauty is at its zenith here. A trek along the lush green and grassy meadows is a revelation in itself.

Chembra peak trek

PC - Sankara Subramanian

Top of the 6,730 ft peak lies a heart shaped lake called as 'hridhayathadakam' (Heart Lake). It is believed to have never dried up at all!It takes a maximum of three hours, in an average, for a trekker to reach the summit. The picturesque panoramic view at the top is spellbound! There are numerous peaks nearby Chembra which are covered with dense forests which are not recommended to explore!

Chembra peak is undoubtedly one of the best trekking places in Wayanad. Travel to Chembra peak in Wayanad and let us know the amazing experience you had. Happy Trekking :)

Chembra Peak Trek details

NB : Pass has to be acquired from the Forest Office to trek the mountain.

Distance from Wayanad town : 35 km
Trekking Trail : 4.5 km
Trekking difficulty : Easy
Best time for trekking : It's best to trek post monsoon to avoid slippery terrain. The post monsoon months of November, December and January showcases Chembra peak in all its glory.
Things to Carry : Energy drinks and other liquids, Sweaters / Jackets / Wind-cheaters / Rain-coats.
Important tips : Using Trekking shoes is recommended

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