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Meesapulimala- A Trekker's Paradise - A Travel En Route Heaven

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If you have seen the famous Malayalam movie 'Charlie', you would be remembering this scene where the vagabond character played by Dulqar Salman asks Aparna Gopinath's character ' Would God absolve if you die without seeing the mist fall in Meesapulimala?! ' This sums up for the breath taking ambience of Meesapulimala.

Meesapulimala or Whiskers (of the) Tiger Mountain, bestowed with scenic beauty and rich flora-fauna, is well known for adventurous trekking. Standing tall at 2,640 metres above sea level, Meesapulimala is a gorgeous peak in high ranges of Western Ghats in the Idukki district of Kerala.


A view from the top of Meesapulimala
PC : Ajay Nandakumar

It is the second highest mountain in Kerala after Anamudi and the highest mountain which can be trekked as Anamudi is not accessible due to restrictions. It is a biodiversity hotspot and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A Trekking Paradise!

A trek to Meesapulimala is a rejuvenating experience for any travel lover. In the course of trek, one could see the vast plains of Tamil Nadu on the east side and the gigantic and mesmerising Sahyadri range on the west.

The trek starts from an altitude of around 1,500 metres and prolong till 2600 metres. Grasslands and high altitude rainforests paves the way for the trek and the dazzling hillocks and aquarium blue waterfalls adds to the magic of the place.


A view of the Mountain ranges from the top
PC: Ajay Nandakumar

The region has a rich fauna varying from common species like elephants and sloth bears to endemic and endangered species like the Nilgiri Tahr. The low hanging clouds will give you a sense of hiking above the milky clouds. And the 90 degree slopes at some places would give a kick to the adventurous traveller in you.


Meesapulimala in a glance
PC: Ajay Nandakumar

Once you reach the top, you would see yourself floating in midst of clouds and it is sure that your heart would skip a beat. The panoramic view of the majestic range of Munnar is a bliss to watch from the top. The sight of mountains engulfed by the swaying clouds will make your day. One also gets a chance to peep into the Kolukkumalai Hills, which has the highest tea plantation in the world. The trek will resume through the rainforests till the Silent Valley, a picturesque tea plantation area. Mist and fog will be your regular companion throughout the trek. Meesapulimala will definitely leave you spellbound with it's generosity in bestowing you with a soul stirring experience.


PC: Ajay Nandakumar

Accommodation : Munnar , which is around 30 km from the trekking point has many hotels and resorts. Tented accomodations with sleeping bags can be rented . 

Food : It is recommended to carry snacks and water.

Things to remember : It is good to have the contact of a Forest officer or Local guide before you start with the trekking , avoid bulky bags. 

Trekking trail : Approximately 35-40 km

Trekking duration : 1-2 days as per convenience ( Even a day trek is possible)

Difficulty Level : Strenuous / Difficult

Good time to trek: Summer and Winter.

It is Good to carry a First Aid kit.

So, Why waiting? Trek the gigantic and magnanimous Meesapulimala and give your soul that vibe it badly craves for!!

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