» »Chanderkhani Pass – One Of The Most Beautiful Treks In The Lap Of Nature!

Chanderkhani Pass – One Of The Most Beautiful Treks In The Lap Of Nature!

By: Swathi.B

My sister and brother-in-law always make fun of me for running away to the Himalayas at the slightest of chance. They live in Canada, and given the weather there; snow doesn't really excite them.

I had convinced them that they should join me for my next trek. They were flying down to India for a vacation and I was given the duty of choosing an easy trek for them. I didn't want to repeat treks and as I was researching, I found that the Chanderkhani Pass trek doesn't involve extreme high-altitude trekking.

Chanderkhani Pass Trek In Kullu

PC : Bharatkaistha

It is the best trek for a trekking newbie, I was informed. I conveyed this to my sister and brother-in-law and I booked the tickets once I got a "go-ahead" answer from them.

Chanderkhani is a beautiful pass in the gorgeous precincts of Kullu Valley in Himachal Pradesh. Located at a height of 3600 meters above the sea level, it offers some jaw-dropping views of snow-laden peaks, green and flowering meadows, and tall coniferous trees.

Sar-Pass Trek In The Picturesque Himalayas

You can also savour the views of Deo Tibba Peak, Parvati, Bara Bhangal and Pir Panjal range from the pass. It is a perfect trek for the beginners and can be classified under "Easy" in the difficulty level. This is the ideal trek for all nature lovers and trekking buffs. The trek starts from Naggar.

Chanderkhani Pass Trek In Kullu

PC : Bharatkaistha 

Best Time To Visit Chanderkhani Pass: May to November is the ideal time to go on a trek to Chanderkhani pass.

Things To Carry:
Backpack, trekking shoes, snacks, water bottle, sun glares, sun cap, sun protection cream, toiletries, lip balm, raincoat, thermals, poncho, warm clothes, socks, gloves, and medical kit.

So, we flew from Bangalore to Delhi and took a train from Delhi to Manali. We were taken to Naggar in a taxi. There was no acclimatisation and we started trekking right away, since this was an easy trek.

Day 1: Naggar - Rumsu - Sterling

Chanderkhani Pass Trek In Kullu

PC : timeflicks

We started walking right away from Naggar. We crossed forests with Deodar, Blue pine, Walnut and Golden oak trees. I collected a few unripe walnut kernels as a souvenir. We ascended steadily for an hour to reach Rumsu Village. This is located at a height of 2150 metres above the sea level. We started walking again amidst Rhododendron shrubs and Bhojpatra trees to reach the Sterling (at a height of 1350 metres above the sea level) campsite.

This was a 4-hour trek. We were to camp here in sleeping tents. We enjoyed the contrasting view of lush green grassland covered in pristine white snow.

Day 2: Sterling - Chiklani Base Camp

Chanderkhani Pass Trek In Kullu

PC : Wolfgang Maehr

We started the day early from Sterling to reach the base camp at Chiklani. We hiked on the alluring, green pastures of Sterling and Ghalkrari. We spotted some Birch trees. It was a gorgeous sight. After walking for 4 km, we hit a steady ascent to reach Chiklani base camp. This campsite is located at a height of 3450 metres above the sea level. The total time taken for this stretch is 5 hours.

Day 3: Chiklani Base Camp - Chanderkhani Pass - Nagruni Thach

Chanderkhani Pass Trek In Kullu

PC : sumitshaw11

We started from Chiklani to trek towards Chanderkhani Pass. We ascended a great height to reach Dhalakda Pathar. From here, it was a steady uphill on the Chanderkhani Pass ridge to reach the pass. Chanderkhani pass is located at 3650 metres above the sea level.

We reached the pass and after soaking in the views of Pir Panjal in the north, Bara Bhangal in the west and Parvati in the east, the climb down to Nagruni Thach started to get steeper. This was a 3-hour trek. We reached the camping ground at Nagruni Thach ( at a height of 2800 metres above the sea level) and retired for the night, with the brilliant night sky for company.

Day 4: Nagruni Thach - Malana

Chanderkhani Pass Trek In Kullu

PC : Bharatkaistha

This trail leads to Malana village, which is famous for its unique and very composed social set up. This is a steep down-hill trek from 2800 to 2600 metres above the sea level. We walked among tall coniferous trees and reached Malana in about 6 hours. We camped there for the rest of the day and night.

Day 5: Malana - Jari

Chanderkhani Pass Trek In Kullu

PC : ArjunChhibber01

This is a well-marked trail from Malana to Jari. We walked amidst steep fields and woods with Deodar trees, and reached Manala Nallah. There was a gorge which we crossed to reach Manala Power Project Site. We continued walking to Jari. This took us about 3 hours.

This was technically the end of the Chanderkhani pass trek. We were transferred from Jari to Kullu through Manikaran.

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