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5 Best September Destinations in South India

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Nature looks splendid after its romantic time with the rains in monsoon. It is never wrong to say that post-monsoon travel is one of the best time for a journey. Bathed in greenery, let us all trudge around the muddy paths and cascading streams to get closer to nature. Well, here are the best September destinations to visit in South India!

 Best September Destinations in South India

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Head to Paithalmala in Kannur for a quick post-monsoon escapade! Paithalmala is one of the quaint hills at the Kerala - Karnataka border. Its picturesque trails offer a good opportunity for trekkers and photography enthusiasts. Paithalmala is around 60km from Kannur and is one of the scenic destinations in Kerala.

 Best September Destinations in South India

Hanumanagundi Waterfalls
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A hill shaped like a horse-face! Kudremukha is one of the jewels of Chikmagalur. The picturesque vistas of Kudremukha draw a lot of travellers year-round. A lush green carpet across the virgin mountain acts an extra something for all of us. So pack and head to Kudremukha as it is one of the best tourist places in South India to visit in September.

 Best September Destinations in South India

Papi Hills
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Papi Hills

Just imagine a humungous snake slithering across the woods! Well, Godavari river flowing cutting across the Papi Hills gives a similar picture. The splendour of Papi Hills is beautified by the horizons of river Godavari at Rajahmundry in Andhra Pradesh. Papi Hills allures everyone to see its glory!

 Best September Destinations in South India

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Covered by the blanket of Tea estates, Coonoor looks radiant always. The thriving tea industry gives an extra edge to the beautiful Coonoor. Exploring Tamil Nadu's second largest hill station right after monsoon seems the right thing to do! Give a call to the nature lover in you and drown in the scenery of this hill station.

 Best September Destinations in South India

Jenukkal Gudda
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Can't miss out on the 'Green Route Trek' on the Railway Track is a must in Sakleshpur. This cute town is worth a visit during the post-monsoon time. Wrapped in the lush greenery, this town is one of the best September destinations in South India.

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