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5 Must-Visit Offbeat Places In The Temple Town Of Udupi

By Brunda Nagaraj

Udupi, fondly known as the temple town, is famous for its Lord Krishna Mutt. The place is truly a heaven for those who want to get away from the chaotic city life and want to spend a nice relaxing time amidst serene beaches and unexplored temples. The beautiful town of Udupi is truly a traveller's paradise!

The quaint town of Udupi is in Karnataka and it is also popularly known as the Parashurama Kshetra. Udupi is at a distance of 60 km from Mangalore and 422 km away from Bengaluru. Known for its yummy and unique delicacies like Buns and Golibajes, Udupi is also a foodies' place. The best time to visit Udupi would be during the Navratri and Deepavali seasons.

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The main temple street of Udupi is surrounded by the eight religious Hindu mutts, which are of great significance. A system of Paryaya takes place in Udupi every two years once. This would be a great time to visit Udupi to witness the grand celebrations.

We have all read and known a lot about the Sri Krishna Temple in Udupi. Well, now it's time to know some of the other must-visit places that are as fascinating as the little Krishna in the massive temple. Read on to know more about the 5 must visit offbeat places in Udupi.

1. Kunjarugiri

1. Kunjarugiri

Distance from Udupi: 11.5 km

Tucked in the lap of nature, this is one of the less explored places in Udupi. Kunjarugiri is known for its Durga Devi temple and the Pajaka Kshetra, birth place of Sri Madhvacharya; founder of the Dvaita philosophy.

The Durga Devi temple is on a hillock called Durga Betta and is built in the Kerala style of architecture. The goddess here has been installed by Parashurama (incarnation of Lord Vishnu). Opposite to the Durga Devi temple is the Parashurama temple.

Pajaka Kshetra is also at a close proximity to Durga Betta and all these three places along with the sacred theerthas like Parashu, Dhanus, Baana and Gadha can be covered in less than 3 hours.

PC : Brunda Nagaraj

2. Indrani Panchadurga Parameshwari Temple

2. Indrani Panchadurga Parameshwari Temple

Distance from Udupi: 6.2 km

Not many of them would know about this temple, which is just at a distance of 6.2 km from Udupi. The presiding deity of the temple is goddess Durga, also known as Panchadurga Parameshwari.

The temple is on a small hill and there are stairs that take you to the main shrine. Behind the temple is a small pond and the scenery is just splendid and divine. The temple looks like a piece of art smeared on a canvas with different hues and tints of green.

There are also shrines that are dedicated to Lord Hanuman and Naga Devata (Serpent Lord), and it would take about an hour to explore this scenic beauty.

PC : Brunda Nagaraj

3. Byndoor Beach

3. Byndoor Beach

Distance from Udupi: 33 km

If you want to bask in the tranquillity, away from all those crowded and noisy beaches, you must hit the Byndoor beach. Spread yourselves amidst the magical sand of Arabian Sea to experience complete bliss in the Byndoor Beach.

Also known as the Someshwara beach, you can relax to the brim with almost no crowd or very few people being around. The beach is located in the interiors of Byndoor, and hence, it is not easily accessible to the tourists.

There is also a very ancient temple of Lord Someshwara near the beach and the famous Kollur Mookambika temple is at distance of 28 km from here.

PC : Brunda Nagaraj

4. Swarna River In Manipal

4. Swarna River In Manipal

Distance from Udupi: 7 km

Part of the seven Mukti Kshetras of the coastal belt of Western India, this place has a legend of the holy river Ganges arriving here on the day of Krishnangaraka Chaturdashi, as per the Hindu calender.

On this particular day, there is a grand celebration held at this place to have a holy dip in the river. The river is isolated from the crowd, making it all the more pristine with fresh water and lush green trees.

There is also a temple of Lord Ganapathi on the bank of the Swarna river, and it is said that the idol was once washed away by the heavy floods and was preserved in the nearby Mahalingeshwara temple.

However, in the year 1996, a granite temple dedicated to the Lord was built on the banks of the Swarna river, followed by the re-installation of the idol of Lord Ganapathi. The temple attracts a lot of devotees during the Sankashta Hara Chaturthi Pooja.

PC : Suriwiki13

5. Vadabhaandeshwara

5. Vadabhaandeshwara

Distance from Udupi: 6.3 km

At a very close proximity from the most-visited Malpe beach is the serene undisturbed land of Vadabhaandeshwara. Walk a little away from the beach to spot this beautiful location to enjoy the music of the waves from the Malpe beach.

Vadabhaandeshwara is known for its Balarama temple. The temple is built in the Kerala style of architecture and the rituals followed here are in sync with the Udupi Krishna Mutt.

Legend has it that the idol of Lord Balrama, from one of the sandal paste lumps found by Madhvacharya, fell on to this place. Hence, a temple dedicated to Lord Balrama was built here. Adjacent to the main shrine is a small temple that is dedicated to Lord Hanuman.

PC : Brunda Nagaraj

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