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Alandi A Spiritual Connection Like Never Before

Alandi - A Spiritual Connection Like Never Before

The small and silent town of Alandi is far from the rush of Pune in spite of being in close proximity to it. Known for its spiritual significance, Alandi is flocked by thousands of devotees round the year who arrive to ...
Backpacker Destinations In Maharashtra

Backpacker Holiday Destinations In Maharashtra

Travelling in India can be pretty cheap, if you make the right choice of places. If you are one amongst those who would love to pick up a backpack and head off on an expedition without wanting to spend a lot ...
Trek To These Amazing Destinations Near Pune

Trek To These 8 Amazing Destinations Near Pune

Pune is a beautiful city in Maharashtra that has turned into a hub of youngsters due to the many colleges and other educational institutions that have started to crowd the city. Due to the this, Pune has a nickname of Oxford ...
Wine Destinations Of India

For Wine Lovers With Wanderlust: An Oenophile's Travel Guide In India

The start of the Indus Valley Civilisation bought with it grapevines from Persia and this sparked off the evolution of wine in India. And boy, are we thankful! Several gradual innovations later, wine tourism in India has gained recognition and now ...
Cultural Festivals To Look Out For In December

Cultural Festivals To Look Out For In December

Are you planning to travel around the country this winter? If so, make your travel plans to coincide with some the most amazing and unique festivals. Winter is almost here and the month of December is around the corner, which makes ...
Brilliant Party Destinations In India

11 Brilliant Party Destinations In India

With Christmas and New Year's Eve around the corner, the anticipation for celebrations is in high spirits. In fact, be it New Year's Eve, bachelor/bachelorette parties, graduation parties, etc., everybody parties once in a while. It disturbs the inertia of our ...
Head To The Beaches Around Pune

Head To The Beaches Around Pune

Many of us would have come across Pune as a city which is surrounded with educational institutions, heritage structures or as a place people go to for an adventure. Well for those who love nature, you have a number of beaches ...
Visit These 5 Iskcon Temples In India

Visit These 5 Popular ISKCON Temples In India

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness, popularly known as ISKCON, was established by AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada in order to spread the practice of bhakti yoga. Founded in 1966, in New York, by the spiritual master, bhakti yoga is the act ...
Well Known Durga Puja Pandals Of Pune

Well-known Durga Pujo Pandals Of Pune

Durga Pujo of this year, is coming to an end. One would really love to visit Kolkata to experience the best Durga Pujo pandals. However, the cultural capital of Maharashtra is not to be left behind. Pune is also one of ...
Must Visit Destinations Near Pune

Must-visit Offbeat Destinations Near Pune

Pune is a city in the state of Maharashtra, which has a large section of youngsters and young, working professionals. The city is the abode to some of the major educational institutions and a rich cultural heritage. It was the centre ...
Witness The Flying Jewels At These Butterfly Parks Of India

Witness The ‘Winged Beauties’ At These Butterfly Parks Of India

At some point in time, everyone has been attracted by the vibrant, winged beauties called butterflies. For centuries, they have been the subject of poets, artists, writers and philosophers. There's not one person who'd not be charmed by these fascinating species ...
Amazing Places To Visit For A College Reunion

7 Amazing Places To Visit For A College Reunion

College is probably the best years we spent in our lives. We will always live by reminiscing the fondest memories of our college, every now and then. Naturally, the friends we've made during these glorious years are probably some of the ...

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