Mela Thiruvenkatanathapuram Temple, Tirunelveli

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Mela Thiruvenkatanathapuram Temple is located in a quaint little village which goes by the same name. The place is also known as Thirunankovil and is located on top of a hillock. Legend has it that Sage Pilor, student of Maharishi Vyasa, meditated here on the banks of the Thamarabarani River. Mahavishnu, appeased by his penance, appeared before him as Lord Srinivasa and blessed him.

At the request of Sage Pilor, the deity agreed to be present at the place permanently. The sage is responsible for the building of the temple initially, but the temple as we see it today was constructed by King Venkatappa Naicker. The bathing area near the temple in the river Thamirabarani is known as Srinivasa Theertha Ghat.

The most important festival that is celebrated here is the “Garuda Sevai”. This is celebrated during the Thiruvonam day and on every Saturday of the Tamil Month of Vaikasi, which comes between September and October every year. This would be the best time to visit the temple.


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