Keezha Thiruvenkatanathapuram - Keezha Thirupathi, Tirunelveli

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Keezha Thiruvenkatanathapuram is a village located some 10 kilometres away from Tirunelveli. The temple that is located here was known as “Sengani”, which literally translates to Red Land. But the title has since been changed to “Sangani” The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is noted for its resemblance to the famous Tirupathi Temple. It was built in the 12th century by King Verapandian.

It is also to be noted that the main tree of the temple is bamboo, unlike other Hindu temples. This is close to the Mela Thiruvenkatanathapuram Temple, where Lord Vishnu is the presiding deity. It is also extremely close to the Taen Kalahasthi Temple, which lies 250 metres away, to the east of the Sangani Temple.


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