Kappal Matha Church, Tirunelveli

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Kappal Matha Church is dedicated to the worship of St. Mary. It is located on the sea shore and is designed to resemble a ship. The original Kappal Matha Church was destroyed due to sea erosion. A newer Church was built over the ruins of the original Kappal Matha Church in 1974. The Church has its fair share of customs and beliefs. One of those customs is that young women visit its nunnery and stay over there for the night.

It is said that once a light appeared above the statue of Selvamatha, even when no lamps or candles were lit and continued to shine for an entire hour. Hence, 18th September, the date when this happened, is celebrated every year in the Church, with great pomp and splendour. The Church was run by the Goa Mission for many years. The Church is located 75 kilometres from Tirunelveli, in a coastal village called Uvari.


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