Waithou Lake, Thoubal

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The Thoubal district is known for its many lakes and rivers with part of the famous Loktak Lake falling in the district. The Waithou Lake makes Waithou an interesting visiting in Thoubal District. The Waithou Lake magnifies the scenic beauty of the place. The lake lies in the northern part of the district and has been formed by the drained water getting collected that comes from the Waithou hill and the many paddy fields on the west and east.

It is located 16 kilometres from Imphal on the Imphal-Myanmar road and only about 3 kilometres from Thoubal district headquarters.

Earlier the Waithou Lake was the breeding grounds for the endangered fish species called ‘Ngaton’. However, after the Cheksabi barrage was constructed in the 1970s over the lake, the Ngaton vanished completely from the lake. In the land around the lake, pineapples grow and are quite famous.


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