Khongjom, Thoubal

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Khonjam is one of the most famous destinations in Thoubal district. It was in Khonjam that the last battle of independence was fought by the Manipuris against the British. The battle took place in April 1891 after the Manipuris had killed the British Chief Commissioner and other members of his party.

Though the Manipuris were no match to the British in terms of manpower or weapons, they fought with all their might. The battle, which was led by Major General Paona Brajabashi, symbolizes the fierce willpower of the Manipuris even though they lost the battle.

Khonjam is located 10 kilometres from Thoubal and 32 kilometres from Imphal. A small war memorial has been erected in the hillock to commemorate the war heroes. Every year the 23rd April is a state holiday in Manipur in remembrance of the battle. Khonjam is connected by the National Highway, and it also has a tourist home.


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